Inventions & Inventors

Lemelson-MIT Program This program honors and inspires inventors.  The Invention Dimension section includes Inventor of the Week, the Inventor's Handbook, Games & Trivia, Links & Resources.
The Great Idea Finder  This site aims to "promote the progress of science and useful arts by providing a showcase for innovation."  Search by inventors, inventions, or use the timeline.
Thomas Edison's Inventions (NEH)
NEH sites offers lessons and resources to build understanding of Edison's influence on the early 1900s.
Invention Guide for Kids
Find links for web pages about inventors and inventions, including help for young/student inventors.
(Thanks to Ms. Oak's student for this link)
U.S. Patent & Trademark Office The USPTO web site includes a section for kids with various activities and features.

Updated 18 January 2017