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Environmental Education  Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant Inventions and Inventors

The Math Forum
The Math Forum at Drexel University is an all-in-one math information source!  
(Formerly "Dave's Math Tables")
Find reference tables here; also includes links to other math-oriented web sites.

MacTutor History of Mathematics archive

School of Mathematics and StatisticsUniversity of St Andrews Scotland
Spurious Correlations Charts showing correlated, but not (necessarily) causal statistical relationships. 

Science & Technology:
Frank Potter's Science Gems
Link to over 14,000 web resources for science!
The Weather Channel  
National Weather Service (NWS)
National Hurricane Center
(from NOAA)  NWS Mission: "The National Weather Service (NWS) provides weather, hydrologic, and climate forecasts and warnings for the United States, its territories, adjacent waters and ocean areas, for the protection of life and property and the enhancement of the national economy. NWS data and products form a national information database and infrastructure which can be used by other governmental agencies, the private sector, the public, and the global community." - from NWS site
Weather Underground   The Weather Underground
US Radar Weather map National Weather Service map shows current weather systems in motion.
Periodic Table of the Elements
Presented by the Los Alamos National Laboratory's Chemistry Division.
BrainPop Technology page

Technology at Home
Part of PBS's Science Odyssey; shows the history of everyday technology used at home.

WildEarth.TV   Watch live streaming video of wildlife in dozens of locations.
Save the Tiger Fund  

A program of the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation

Redwood National and State Parks education resources Videos about California redwood trees and the wildlife that depends on them. The National Audubon Society offers resources for teachers and families at it's Education page.  Find local Audubon Centers to arrange a field trip, or give students time to try the activities at the Just For Kids page.  
Putting myths to the test, using scientific methods and mathematics.  (Also, blowing things up whenever possible.)
Scientific American's Fact or Fiction Do elephants really never forget?  Can a squid fly? Should you really drink 8 glasses of water a day? Get answers here.
Kids' Science Challenge   Students in grades 3-6 submit experiments & problems for real scientists to test & solve.  
Kids Skin Health  from the American Academy of Dermatology Elementary-level activities teach about skin, hair, and nails.  

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