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     Current events  --  Newspapers

WNY Media
New York Times Online
Current events and news.
USA Today
Current events and news.
The Washington Post
Current events and news. Logo
Link to newspapers world-wide.
Today's Front Pages  from The Newseum
An interactive world map displays the day's front pages from local newspapers as you point to each location.  "The Newseum
displays these daily newspaper front pages in their original, unedited
form. Some front pages may contain material that is objectionable to
some visitors."

Current events -- Broadcast & Online

Fact-Checking Sites :  Use promptly to cure overexposure to
misinformation, disinformation and general silliness.

CBS News
ABC News
Fox News  
MSNBC * Maddow * All InHardball  *  Last Word *  
PoliticsNation  *  Ed Show *  etc.  
Huffington Post
NBC News        
Bloomberg Business  
NPR National Public Radio  PBS  Public Broadcasting System    
Pro Publica   BBC News
CBC  Canada's public broadcaster BBC America

History and Geography

School History (UK)
History Channel The History Channel's History Classroom page offers tons of teaching materials, including materials for use with the America: the Story of Us series.
National Geographic Society
Maps101  Subscription service; try a free trial.
Printable maps from Family Education Network Printable blackline or outline maps of states, regions, continents, and more.
CIA World Factbook
American Memory:  from the Library of Congress
America's Story from the Library of Congress
Digital Public Library of America
AMDOCS Documents for the Study of American History
Ancient Greece - Games
Global Gateway: World Culture & Resources from the Library of Congress
History for Kids (BBC)   Great site!
EuroDocs Online Sources for European History
The Avalon Project (Yale Law School) Documents in law, history and diplomacy
Heifer International       Nonprofit fights global poverty and hunger For elementary & middle-level lessons/activities, see the Schools page.
In the First Person   "...a landmark index to English language personal narratives, including letters, diaries, memoirs, autobiographies, and oral histories."  ( In the First Person web site)
Includes transcripts, audio and video which are searchable by keywords, subjects, or names.  Some documents are available only to subscribers.
Liberty's Kids       This site uses interactive games to teach about the American Revolution.
HyperHistory Online

Black History Month  Gale Group
African American National Biography
Browse sample entries from the 2-volume print collection of
the same title, which includes biographies of over 4000 African
Americans. Compiled by Henry Louis Gate, Jr. and Evelyn
 Higganbotham. Resources for further reading are listed at the
 end of many of the biographies, making this a great source for researchers.
Celebrating Hispanic Heritage
Women's History Month
U.S. History Images   Copyright-free images from Karen Hatzigeorgiou.  Extensive collection on Native Americans.
The Great Chicago Fire  and Web of Memory
From the Chicago Historical Society and Northwestern University.

Economics, Immigration, Labor

U.S. Currency  -  Youth Education Materials
from the U.S. Treasury Dept., Bureau of Engraving & Printing, the Federal Reserve Board, and the Secret Service
Find teaching materials to order or download here; also interactive activities like the design-your-own dollar bills feature and the video quiz on the new $100 bill.
Alliance for Investor Education   Resources for parents, teachers, and teens who want to become more savvy about investing and managing money.
The Inflation Calculator
Calculate equivalent prices for any year(s). See how much costs have gone up since you were born.
Ad Access  (History of advertising)
Includes 7000+ early 20th century ads, reflecting the social attitudes of their time, both good and bad.
The Lower East Side Tenement Museum
Web site from WNET (New York) about immigrant life in NYC

Government and Politics

Provided by the Library of Congress in the spirit of Thomas Jefferson
Legislative information (US). At this site, you may track the progress of a bill through Congress, see who your representatives are, and much more.
FDR Cartoon Archive
1930s political cartoons featuring President Franklin Delano Roosevelt.
Speak Truth To Power  from the  Robert F. Kennedy Center    Human rights education programs: resources, competitions, etc.


ARDA : Assn. of Religion Data Archives Data about religious beliefs and practices in the US and other countries.

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